Ecological footprint of Bauhaus

What an individual can do?

A Christmas couple of years back I bought a portable drill/screwdriver to my wife as a Christmas present. She had wanted one for some time and when saw a good bargain at Bauhaus hardware store I made my decision.

Even if you might think that my decision was done in a heat of the moment, I must ensure you that it was not the case. I checked that AlphaTool –device and I found it quite robust looking and adequate for all household chores that might come into question. I asked the lady at the info counter that there is no foul play in producing such equipment, like sweatshops in developing countries with children working long hours or nothing suchlike ”defects”. The lady at the counter told me that the cheap price is based on the fact that Bauhaus is such a mega-class buyer that it gets very good terms in their purchases. To underline that fact she told me that this AlphaTool was Bauhaus brand and no other hardware store sold those units.

And of course the neat packaging was the final straw that was needed for purchase decision. Well, my wife was quite happy with her ”power tool” and during these couple of years a many repairs have taken place and many Ikea jigsaws got assembled.

But as you know, those devices have their Achilles heel… the battery. The initial box contained two identical battery units and they have served quite good until recently. Batteries lose their edge slowly and in certain time they get useless and it’s quite normal that new batteries have to be acquired in order to maintain the units operability. Ok, I thought, this year I might buy a small side gift to my wife and buy her a new battery for her AlphaTool.

For that purpose I went to local Bauhaus and asked the clerk where to find such battery unit and to my profound surprise she told me that there is no accessory batteries available for AlphaTool line of hand tools. I had to go outside and check whether this really was Bauhaus, but it was. There are several different battery operated AlphaTool devices for sale in Bauhaus and apparently all of them are ”use once and throw away” –type commodities. The only way to get a new battery to a perfectly operating drill is to buy another drill and use its batteries. That is waste on any way of thinking.

I just wondered why is Bauhaus advertising themselves to be a ”green shop”. They are sorting out their garbage and so on but… what is that in comparison to promoting this ”use once” –philosophy by selling masses of gadgets that turn out to waste the moment their battery gets worn off. I just wonder.

Merry Christmas anyway.



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